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WATCH: Matt Leinart’s 9-year-old son has a cannon for an arm 0. .

So it seems that young football players these days should probably already be on the radar of college scouts. After Bleacher Report posted an impressive video of a 10-year-old dropping an impressive dimeĀ in a youth football game, former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart decided to one-up it with a video of his 9-year-old son.

Here’s the two videos:

This is ridiculous. These kids’ arms are better than mine, and I’m 26 years old and moderately athletic. Come on now.

With that said, though, here’s a few things to take away from those two videos above:

1. That first pass probably traveled 35, maybe 40 yards.

2. While Leinart’s son’s pass was about 25 yards, it’s worth noting that he was also rolling out on the pass, making the throw even more incredible.

3. These kids are seriously eating their Wheaties.

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