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Urban Meyer gets brutally honest, says Cardale Jones isn’t good at school 0. .

Hey, let’s give it to to Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer, at least the man is honest. When speaking about former quarterback and 2016 NFL Draft prospect Cardale Jones, Meyer had some great things to say about him. One thing he didn’t exactly rave about though, was Jones’ interest in the whole school thing.

Here’s what Meyer had to say during an interview with the Marla Ridenour of the Akron Beacon Journal:

“His size is obviously a 10 as far as what he’s able to do with that big body, athleticism. Arm strength is a 9, pretty close to a 10. Accuracy is something that’s got to continue to improve, that’s probably an 8. Believe it or not, knowledge of the game and knowledge of coverages is pretty high, an 8…. A really good skill set, intellectual, very smart, wasn’t necessarily very good at school. I wonder if that kind of set him back a little bit. That’s one difference between pro and college -€” now he doesn’t have to worry about classes and going to school and all that stuff. He can focus completely on football.”

Honestly, I can’t really disagree with anything that Meyer said there. Jones seems like a pretty strong all-around football player. Sure, maybe Meyer rated him a little high (he was one of his former players and is attempting to get drafted as high as possible), but I like the upside of Jones.

The best part, though? The truthfulness about how Jones just wasn’t very good at school. I’m not even sure that Cardale himself would disagree with that statement.

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