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Tyrann Mathieu fears for his life when he stays in New Orleans 0. .

Arizona Cardinals free safety Tyrann Mathieu grew up in New Orleans and he has quite a bit to say about the recent shooting death of former Saint Will Smith. Mathieu appeared on the Rich Eisen Show and opened up about his experience when he comes back to his hometown:

Every time I go back home, Rich. I cannot stay for longer than two days. People know where you are. They know where you’re at. And they will find you. And they will bump into you. And they will try to start some kind of altercation with you. And the first thing that they think about is to take your life.

Mathieu went off on twitter about Cardell Hayes, who has been arrested in connection with the shooting of Smtih. On the Rich Eisen Show, Mathieu stood by his comments on twitter saying:

I’m very familiar with him. I’ve had several encounters with him growing up, and I’d even say altercations with him growing up so I know what type of personality he is. I would like to choose my words wisely because obviously we lost someone and obviously we want to pray for that person, but I even want to pray for Cardell. Because he was always one of those bullies, so to say. So I know him from those type of altercations. He was a very big guy and he felt as if he could muscle his way with anybody in New Orleans. It’s really a tough situation.

Mathieu is on of many players and coaches who spoke out about the tragic shooting death of Smith.

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