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Titans to allow fans to call two plays during team’s preseason opener 0. .

After leading the Tennessee Titans to a 2-7 record as an interim coach last year, Mike Mularkey has not inspired a ton of confidence for his first full season in Nashville. That is to be expected for a coach with a career win-loss record of 18-39 and who has had just one winning season in four seasons spent as a head coach.

Yet as unsuccessful as Mularkey’s teams have been on the field, it’s hard to deny that the man has a good heart. Mularkey and the Titans have agreed to auction off two offensive play calls from Saturday’s preseason opener against the San Diego Chargers. The auction is in support of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation and will enable two $10,000 bidders to make the first two offensive play calls for the Titans.

This is not the first time Mularkey has given away play calls for charities either. As an offensive coordinator with the Atlanta Falcons, he auctioned away their first preseason call once and even went through the Falcons’ game plan with the winner of that auction. The process will be the same this year as the winner of the auction gets the ability to talk football with the Titans’ coaching staff and get a sense for what their offensive playbook entails.

While it may be easy to be snide and make a joke of how this shows how little trust they have in the 30th ranked offense from 2015, it’still a really classy move. The Titans get to involve some fans in football operations and enable them to each pick a play. Make-A-Wish gets several thousand dollars to put to good use. Everyone wins in this situation.

As for the Titans’ offense, one has to hope the winning fans don’t disappoint and they pick exciting plays for the preseason opener. Mularkey is on record as wanting an “exotic smashmouth” offense in 2016 which presumably translates into masking their receiver deficiencies by running Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray into the ground, with some Marcus Mariota quarterback draws sprinkled in. Exotic smashmouth could translate into a very vanilla offense for the Titans and their fans, but they’ll gladly take it if it prevents a fifth consecutive losing season.



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