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2016 Fantasy Football: Time to sell after Week 1? 0. .

Week 1 results are amazing in their ability to instill false confidence or unbelievable doubt in our overanxious minds. For the most part, it’s always dangerous to overthink and overdo transactions early in the fantasy season. But if you’re bound to make some moves, here are a few to consider:

(Remember, these are just ideas to mull over during the first quarter of the NFL season. That doesn’t mean you should go trade crazy overnight. Be smart.)

DeMarco Murray had a great first game of the season. He also had a great first game in 2015. While I truly think that Derrick Henry will take over the lead role this season, I also think that you should use Murray properly. He’s still a big name for trade bait; capitalize on his success. Chances are that he’ll bring more value in trade talks the earlier in the season they take place.

Donte Moncrief might not be quite the name that Murray is, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t as important for selling high. While Moncrief’s week 1 was really good, Phillip Dorset had a solid game considering his role in the offense. He (Dorsett) really didn’t get the opportunity to play much as a rookie, but he and Andrew Luck are both healthy now. The decision here is whether you’d rather have Moncrief or Dorsett (via waivers) plus whoever you could get in a trade with Moncrief. I think value sides with Dorsett.

TJ Yeldon had the backfield to himself Sunday and it resulted in a decent day. He’s not a huge commodity on the market, but his name still carries some weight. Also, remember how much Chris Ivory can cut into someone’s workload. When he comes back, he’ll take a vast majority of the goal line work. In general, the Jacksonville backfield looks to be a major mess, so try to get something out of it—and save yourself from a bunch of headaches—while you can.

Devonta Freeman should be on a short leash. If you’d asked me before the draft, I would have steered you away from Freeman at all costs. He simply was not worth where he was being picked. Anyways, Tevin Coleman looked really good against the Buccaneers’ defense both on the ground and in the passing game. If you can get another top running back (maybe try a package deal where you get Todd Gurley from a panicked owner) or receiver, do it. Maybe wait to see if Freeman finds the end zone next week, then see if you can make some moves. He has a solid chance of doing so, considering that they play the Saints poor defense.

Two to keep on your radar

Jeremy Kerley had a nice showing for the 49ers on Monday. There’s basically no way they blow teams out like they did the Rams, so they’ll be forced to throw more. The result…more targets for Kerley. A versatile guy who knows how to compete, he fits well in Chip Kelly’s scheme. He’ll be available on waivers and cheaper than Torrey Smith.

Tyrell Williams showed some flashes this week, but mostly, Keenan Allen went down for the season (what is it with San Diego and injuries?). Keep an eye on him since Travis Benjamin is most likely already on a roster in your league.

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