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Scissor cut sidelines Tom Brady vs. Bears 0. .

Though his role in Deflategate has caused Tom Brady to be suspended for four games, he was still hoping to get some playing time in the preseason. But last night’s preseason game against the Chicago Bears just wasn’t meant to be for him. And not for the normal reasons you would guess.

CSNNE reports that Brady was trying to pry something from the bottom of his cleats when he accidentally sliced open his right thumb with a pair of scissors. The injury turned out to be severe enough that Brady didn’t even take the field for warmups and was seen leaving the stadium before kickoff.

This would have been Brady’s first start this preseason after he was a healthy scratch for the opener against the New Orleans Saints. Though he is obviously cemented as the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots, it still has to at least annoy him that he won’t get any chances to play in the preseason. Now the next time he’s under center for the Patriots, won’t be until October when he returns from suspension.

It’s still unknown whether this thumb injury will require stitches or how long he would have been sidelined. For now, Brady can take advantage of his time being suspended to rest up and recover from the injury. While the scissor injury is scary, it’s a dose of reality that even super-quarterbacks like Brady are only human. He can play quarterback at a high level at 39 years old, win four Super Bowls and marry a supermodel, yet he can also still make a dumb mistake and suffer a clumsy injury.

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