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We now know why Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is a natural leader on the football field. According to Randy Hallman of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Wilson found out that he is a descendant of royalty during a visit to his hometown in Richmond, Virginia.

Historian Henry Louis Gates Jr had Wilson on his PBS TV show “Finding Your Roots,” when he announced that Wilson’s ancestry includes, at least, one English king. Wilson’s heritage also includes a slave woman who once sued to have her family freed.

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Russell made a good point during the program:

Some of our ancestors may have grown up as slaves,” Wilson said. “Some may have been slave owners… We forget we’re all human. What it all goes back to is really loving people… Sometimes, you have to forget what a person looks like, forget what a person believes in, forget what a person does have or does not have…You have to look deep inside and love.”

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