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Report: Colin Kaepernick, John Elway met Thursday, is a deal on the horizon? 0. .

The Denver Broncos are in desperate need of a quarterback at this point, while the San Francisco 49ers are hoping to move one of their own. While the 49ers are unlikely to roll with just Blaine Gabbert in 2016, they still have openly shown interest in moving Colin Kaepernick, which likely means they’ll be selecting a quarterback early in the 2016 NFL Draft.

It originally seemed as though the Kaepernick-to-Denver possibility had cooled off a bit over the past week or two, but after a recent report from Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle, the opposite now seems true.

As Branch explains, Kaepernick met with Broncos general manager John Elway on Thursday, a movie which means the 49ers have allowed Kaep to seek a trade.

Branch stated the following:

Their meeting on Thursday occurred on the same day Kaepernick’s $11.9 million base salary became guaranteed, a development which erased the unlikely possibility the 49ers would release him. The 49ers have granted Kaepernick’s agents permission to seek a trade.

In doing so, the 49ers have allowed any team interested in Kaepernick to speak with him directly. Without that permission, teams otherwise can’t approach players under contract to another team.

While there seems to be interest between the two sides, there’s one hold up, and it’s a pretty huge one. As The Big Lead’s Ty Duffy points out, the Broncos want Kaepernick to take a massive $4.9 million pay cut.

So, Kaep can either keep his huge contract and have whatever role the 49ers give him, or he can move to Denver and give up a whole lot of money. Which one would you choose? Kaepernick may agree to a pay cut, but don’t expect it to be what the Broncos originally wanted.

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