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Is Peyton Manning missing football? Apparently not so much 0. .

While he hasn’t actually had to watch any regular season NFL games yet, it seems that retired quarterback Peyton Manning isn’t missing the game all that much. In a recent interview with the Indianapolis Star, Manning spoke about his decision to retire, and admitted that he hasn’t been getting those football withdrawals that he had heard so much about.

“People tell me that I’m going to miss football, that I’m going to have withdrawals. But I got my fill,” Manning said Tuesday at the Northern Colorado Sports Awards. “There are things I want to do. I want to see the New York Giants play … I want to see my Tennessee Vols. I want to do a lot of things I haven’t been able to do in 22 years.”

Well then, there you have it. Manning won’t be coming out of retirement anytime soon it seems. We’re more likely to see him taking in one of Eli’s games than back on the field calling audibles.

Thanks for the memories, No. 18.

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