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WATCH: OBJ says Josh Norman is only relevant “because of me” 1. .

In week 15 of the 2015 season, Odell Beckham, Jr. and Josh Norman began one of the most entertaining player rivalries in the NFL. At that time, Norman played for the Carolina Panthers. These two went completely at each other during the game, both in the wrong. During the famous clash, we see fingers stuck in each others faces, standing over one another, late hits, bad yo mama jokes, and all of this culminating into a full blown fight. If you missed last year’s messy match up between these two, here’s a video with all the action:

These two guys absolutely can not stand each other. It only took a few months for these two to take their beef off the field and out into the Twitterverse. Odell Beckham, Jr. tweeted in late March:

….and of course, Josh Norman wouldn’t let that stand. Following the same formula he used for the on-field fight he came back with this:

Norman didn’t let it rest at a simple Twitter response, he openly dissed Beckham, Jr. in an interview in which he was asked to name the top five receivers in the NFL. Norman decided that OBJ doesn’t make the cut:


When asked what he thinks about OBJ’s talent level, all Norman says is “ok,” followed by chuckling to himself.

Four months later, and they’re back at it again. “The reason he’s become so relevant is because of me,” OBJ told GQ magazine for its August 2016 issue (which has not yet been released). He even went as far as to suggest that “for sure” Norman is in Washington because of him and called it a “smart business move for him.”

Elaborating on Norman’s so-called pseudo popularity, Beckham, Jr. told GQ, “It goes back to what I was saying, if I wasn’t playing him twice a year, maybe people wouldn’t bring it up as much. But now it’ll be a lot more media attention for him, attention that I don’t really look for, attention that I don’t need.”

With Norman as a Redskin, NFL fans can now look forward to a free boxing match twice a year. Someone needs to hand these two some boxing gloves and let them work out their feelings.

Lauren Lapaglia

Lauren Lapaglia is a lifelong Cowboys fan, secret Packers fan, NFL writer, social media guru and NFC East know-it-all. In addition to contributing at Last Call Football, she also writes at Pro Football Spot as lead Cowboys writer. She and her husband live in Texas with their three dogs and four football-loving kids.

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