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‘No Talent Required’ to play at Penn State? Say what? 0. .

Listen, we know that Penn State head coach James Franklin didn’t mean for the image that he tweeted out to come across like it did. This is obviously true, as Franklin chose to delete the tweet pretty soon after posting it, but that didn’t stop some people from grabbing the photo and holding onto it for dear life.

Here’s what Franklin tweeted out, via ESPN’s Josh Moyer:

As you can see from Moyer’s tweet, Franklin didn’t love the fact that people pointed out the tweet stated there was “No Talent Required” to play at Penn State.

We get what Franklin was going for here, as the image highlights words like “energy,” “effort,” “being coachable”¬†and “work ethic,” to name a few. Maybe if we cropped out the top of the image and then just rolled with all the small words below it, then it’d work.

Image via FOX Sports

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