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NFL Week 3 Wide Receiver Surprises 0. .

Terrelle Pryor Sr. ($3,400) – Cleveland Browns

Terrelle Pryor Sr. was picked as one of our top plays for Week 3 based on salary.  He is the Browns “Swiss Army Knife” player because he did it all this week.  He finished with 3 completions on 5 attempts for 35 yards; 8 catches on 14 targets for 144 yards and 4 rushes for 21 yards with a touchdown.  This man did it all for the Browns when many lost hope in the game.  They take on the Washington Redskins who gave up 350 passing yards to Eli Manning and the New York Giants.  His price has increased to $4,300 but if he is able to do a little bit of everything he may be worth throwing in at a FLEX spot.

Marvin Jones Jr. ($6,200) – Detroit Lions

Marvin Jones Jr. is a player to keep an eye.  His production has practically doubled every week since Week 1.  This week he lit up the Green Bay Packers with 6 catches off 8 targets for 205 yards and two touchdowns leaving him with a total of 41.5 fantasy points.  He is quickly becoming a favorite target of Matthew Stafford.  It will be interesting to see what they do against the depleted Chicago Bears who gave up 248 passing yards to Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys.  His price has jumped up to $7,300 but if he continues to produce at this high level he will be worth it.

Emmanuel Sanders ($6,000) – Denver Broncos

Emmanuel Sanders has had a quiet start to the season.  If you were part of the small, small percentage that owned him he paid off big for you.  He finished the day with 9 catches off 13 targets totaling 117 yards and two touchdowns leaving him a total of 35.7 fantasy points.  He led the way for the team in production through the air beating out the great Demaryius Thomas by 3 catches.  It seems that Siemian is becoming more comfortable with the offense and hopefully that means more production from Sanders.  He was targeted 5 more times than the previous week.  If this trend continues he could be a great mid-value player.  The Broncos take on the Buccaneers who gave up 190 passing yards to Case Keenum and the Los Angeles Rams.  His price did increase to $6,400 so if you want to use him you will have to shell out a little more for him.

Tavon Austin ($4,100) – Los Angeles Rams

Tavon Austin is a dual threat caliber player.  He can hurt you with his catches and sheer speed on the sweeps.  He tallied 5 catches on 8 targets totaling 82 yards and a touchdown as well as 22 rushing yards on 2 attempts leaving him with 21.4 fantasy points.  He led the way in terms of production through the air.  Gurley and Cunningham out-rushed him on the ground.  In the recent weeks his targets have been going down but hopefully, with this surge in production, he will be targeted a little more.  In Week 4 the Los Angeles Rams take on division opponent Arizona Cardinals who gave up only 119 passing yards to Tyrod Taylor and the Buffalo Bills.  His price drops to $4,000 so if you’re wanting a cheap player that could go off at any moment then look no further than Tavon Austin.

Adam Humphries ($3,000) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 Adam Humphries is the sleeper of all sleepers this week.  The Buccaneers faced off against the Los Angeles Rams at home this past weekend.  Humphries finished with 9 catches on 12 targets totaling 100 yards leaving him with 22fantasy points.  Unfortunately, he did not get a touchdown but the volume of targets is promising for the future.  He finished behind only Mike Evans in terms of production.  Hopefully he can maintain the production in Week 4 as they face off against the Denver Broncos who gave up 206 passing yards to Andy Dalton and the Bengals.  His prices remains steady at $3,000 so if you are in a bind and are looking for someone cheap his targets have increased steadily the past 3 games.

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