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NFL Week 1 fantasy football DraftKings contest breakdown 0. .

It’s finally go-time, as Week 1 of the 2016 NFL season is just around the corner. Better yet, it’s time for some daily fantasy football. It’s been long awaited, but popular fantasy site DraftKings has released their games for Week 1 of the season, and as we all expected, there is some massive, massive amounts of money to be won.

Best of all? You can jump into a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool game for free. Completely free, as in, you pay zero dollars. All you have to do is go through the link below and set your lineup (or reserve your spot). First place will pay out a cool $1,000, and obviously, we’ll be here to help out as Week 1 draws closer.

Now, for those who are looking to dabble in more than just the free, huge $100,000 guaranteed game, let’s take a look at the huge slate of games that are being offered, by highlighting a few of the best. What better way to start than with the $5 million guaranteed game, which will award $1 million to first place.

Yes, $1 million to first place.

This game is going to be the most popular of Week 1, for obvious reasons. The best part of it, is that it’ll only cost players $3 for each entry they put in. Want to have 10 chances to win $1 million? It’ll only cost you $30. Want just one entry? Just $3. Can’t beat it.

While the first-place payday isn’t quite as large in this one, it’s going to have a smaller field, which in turn, will allow you a better opportunity to grab a huge score. The $2.5 million guarantee won’t get as much attention as the $5 million guarantee, but obviously, the min-cash will be better in this event as well. This one should be a secondary favorite after the main event.

If you’re looking for a game that pays out big money, but won’t get as much attention as the two mentioned above, then this is your game. The $9 entry is interesting and makes the min-cash higher than the $3-$5 games obviously. This one is worth putting a few entries into.

Exactly like the game above, but just a lower entry fee. In turn, there’ll be more players in the field, which makes it a bit tougher to cash. Still a great option, with a first-place payday of $25,000.

This, as well as the game below, are great ways for you to put your top and favorite lineup in, and potentially see a nice return. Winning a cool grand from a $27 entry can’t be beat, so put your best and most consistent lineup together for this one.

The same exact idea as above, but just a lower entry fee. Winning $100 on a $4 entry? Sounds like a pretty great opportunity to me.

The games that feature max entries of three are great options. While some professionals will put in 50-100 (or more) lineups into the big GPPs, this one means that you can only put in three different lineups, therefore eliminating the chances of players just getting lucky by throwing in random players across the board. This game will hand out $25,000 to first place as well.

Another great three-max entry event, just for a lower buy-in. The $150 entry may be a bit steep for many, so why not jump into the Nickel game, with a chance to win $10,000 for first place?

Personally, I love single-entry events. They eliminate a lot of the luck and allow for skill to be paid off in the end. Just like the three max entry games, you’ll need to put together your best lineup and put it in here. Playing a single-entry event will allow your best lineup to flourish, and avoid the hundreds of lineups put in by other pros.

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