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NFL LB Jonathan Newsome gets marijuana charges dropped, dabs to celebrate 0. .

The first time that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton dabbed, it basically changed celebrating across the world of sports, possibly forever. Now, free-agent linebacker Jonathan Newsome, who was previously with the Indianapolis Colts, decided to take the popular celebration off the football field, and do it in front of the court house.

As Matthew VanTryon of Sporting News reported, the marijuana possession charges were dropped Thursday, resulting in Newsome giving us this on his Twitter:

While this is a pretty great way to celebrate, in all seriousness, Newsome is an interesting player for a potential team. VanTryon points out that he led the Colts in sacks as a rookie in 2014, but was cut just days after the marijuana possession arrest in February. There’s no question that Newsome will land with another team, but the question now is where?

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