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Matt Forte has strong words for Chicago Bears 0. .

The Chicago Bears decided not to extend the contract of Matt Forte this past offseason. The team is going younger at the running back position while Forte found a new home with the New York Jets. Forte was the centerpiece of the Bears offense and their most consistent player for eight seasons.

In a recent interview with, Forte talks about his NFL career and about his experience with his former team.

At first you’re like, why wouldn’t they want a guy who does everything right, has been productive since the beginning? But then you look at the business side of it, and you realize you’re just a jersey number to them, and it’s like, I started to separate from that feeling of where I’m mad about it or angry, and started to kind of cope with the feeling that eventually I’d be somewhere else.

Forte is 30-years old, which is usually when most running back sees a decline in their production. After signing a three-year $12 million deal with the Jets, Forte is not looking to slow down anytime soon.

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