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Matt Flynn has some advice for Colin Kaepernick about money 0. .

Matt Flynn wants to let Colin Kaepernick know that there’s one thing he should be focused on right now, and it’s getting, and keeping his money. Flynn, who’s been the definition of a journeyman, playing for five teams over eight seasons in the league, spoke with FOX Sports’ Cameron DaSilva, and sounded off on Kaepernick’s situation.

“It’s a tough situation. I know that as a player you always have to get your money while you can,” Flynn told FOX Sports on Tuesday. “Teams are going to get their money when they can. That’s just business. You just have to get it when it’s there.”

“Maybe he didn’t think his opportunity was going be good [in Denver]. The Broncos have a pretty stacked team so you have to think that you do have a good opportunity there,” Flynn added. “But it also depends on how much money he’d be leaving on the table.”

This comes on the heels of finding out that the Denver Broncos were asking Kaepernick to take a $4.9 million pay cut to come to town. In that situation, he’d likely be the starting quarterback, but there’s also a small outside chance that the Broncos could hand that role to Mark Sanchez instead.

One way or another, I’ve had the same opinion the entire time. The 49ers gave Kaepernick this money, and it’s not on him to take that massive of a pay cut to make life easier for this team, as well as possibly help on the Broncos. This is a business, after all, and it’s hard not to agree with what Flynn had to say.

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