Jameis Winston Jay Z Image via Buccaneers.com
Jay Z to Jameis Winston: ‘You know I’m coming for your job, right?’ 0. .

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers welcomed a visitor to their training facilities on Wednesday, according to Arielle Aronson of FOX Sports, and it wasn’t just any old visitor either. It was one of the greatest rappers of all-time, Jay Z, and when someone like that comes to visit your team, you take notice.

Not only did Jay Z come visit, but he apparently gave second-year quarterback Jameis Winston a hard time, letting the young signal caller know that he has some competition this year.

“You know I’m coming for your job, right?” he asked.

As Aronson points out, Jay Z backed down after Winston challenged him head-to-head on the field. Second-year lineman Donovan Smith also got to enjoy meeting the rapper, as you can see from his Instagram:

Winston reportedly also gave Jay Z a personalized jersey, and I’m still left surprised that he’s apparently a Buccaneers fan? Who knows, maybe he’s just a fan of Winston or was in town so he decided to stop by.

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