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J.J. Watt reveals his post-NFL plans 0. .

J.J. Watt is already talking retirement, but there’s no reason for Houston Texans fans to be concerned. The 26-year-old superstar has plenty of stellar seasons left in the tank, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t already figured out his post-retirement plan.

In a recent interview with Mad Radio 610, Watt spoke about transitioning from a playing career to a coaching career.

“I think I would be coaching high school football in some capacity,” the four-time Pro Bowler said, via CBS Sports. “If that requires being a high school gym teacher, whatever it may be, however I can do that, I just want to have that impact. And that is what I want to do when I’m done (playing in the NFL). I want to coach high school football and that’s always what I’ve wanted to do.”

For what it’s worth though, we shouldn’t throw out the idea of Watt winding up in movies and taking his talents to acting potentially.

“Maybe my life takes me a different path with movies and things like that, but as of right now, at some point in my life I will definitely coach high school football,” Watt said. “Just because the impact you can have on kids, and the wisdom you can help give them and teach them and I think they are so impressionable.”

It’d be pretty tough to imagine Watt not being a great high school football coach. Plus, who wouldn’t want to say that they played for J.J. Watt? Sounds pretty awesome to me.

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