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Geno Smith Named New York Jets Starting Quarterback 0. .

In a completely unsurprising move by the New York Jets, Geno Smith has been named the starting quarterback.

Head Coach Todd Bowles has gone back and forth over the course of the week about the quarterback controversy.

“Fitz will be back next week,” Bowles said Monday. “The game was 28-3. There was eight minutes left in the game. We weren’t doing anything else. I just wanted to get (Smith) some reps.”

His tune changed on Tuesday, as he began randomly talking about how backups “better perform”:

“I don’t have any thoughts on a backup player saying anything,” Bowles stated on Tuesday. “They’re backups for a reason, and if they get a chance to play, they better prove themselves to be worthy of playing, regardless of who the person is.”

Fitzpatrick threw a minor fit before the season started about wanting more guaranteed money in his contract. After being reluctant at first, they signed him to a $12 million contract (all guaranteed) with a $10 million signing bonus.

His play this season has been absolutely wretched, contributing only five touchdowns and a whopping 11 interceptions, helping the Jets to their putrid 1-5 record.

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