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Why on earth did Johnny Manziel post, then delete a photo of his new tattoo? 0. .

Johnny Manziel finds himself back in the news once again, but that’s no major surprise. As you can tell, our last two stories have been about the former Cleveland Browns quarterback. While he was first hanging out with Justin Bieber, he also got a new tattoo it seems.

Thanks to The Score’s Zachary Thomas, Manziel’s new hand tattoo can be seen below.

Apparently the roman numerals are his birth date, with the Rolex symbol above it. No big deal, except for the fact that if you read what Thomas states there, Manziel actually decided to go ahead and delete the tweet with the photo of his tattoo.

The question now becomes, why would he do it? The world saw it. We all know that once something goes on Twitter, it’s not going anywhere, because someone, somewhere took a screenshot of it (prime example). Manziel’s tattoo really isn’t a big deal, but I guess he got some serious heat for it.

Or maybe I’m just missing something.

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