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Deangelo Williams has “Walking Dead” themed wedding 0. .

33-year old Pro-Bowler Deangelo Williams and his bride, Risalyn, officially tied the knot on Saturday in a ghoulish affair. Posting a 3 minute video on his Twitter account, Williams shared footage of the zombie-themed wedding party in all its’ glory.

Williams told ESPN in a recent video when asked about the wedding:

“I’m a huge Walking Dead fan and I know the wedding day is typically for the woman or for women, so the whole entire wedding party are zombies and we get an opportunity to flex our Walking Dead muscle. It is a dream come true. It is unbelievable. And what makes it even more magical was not only did I become a Walker, but I became a husband and inherited a beautiful wife.”

You’d think his wife might have had more than a few objections to the display of full-on zombie lore at her wedding. Turns out, she’s a fan herself, “He didn’t have to convince me. He really had to convince the bridesmaids,” said Risalyn.

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