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Dak Prescott impresses in preseason 0. .

“There are absolutely draftable traits and upside, but he will need extended work to smooth out his flaws.”  That is what sums up Dak Prescott on NFL.com’s draft profile of the former Mississippi State Bulldog.  It is early yet, but it may be time to rethink the part about needing extended time to make him NFL ready.

In just his first two games in the NFL, he is 22-27, good for 81.5 completion percentage, per NFl.com.  He leads all other quarterbacks with four passing touchdowns, plus the two he ran for against Miami.  He has shown poise in the pocket, even with pressure coming through from the defense.  What has been most impressive is Prescott’s decision making.  Instead of running because he is scared, he waits for the defense to get down the field and then pulls the trigger.  He does not force it and, therefore, his runs have had a positive effect to this point.

Now what needs to be taken into account is that this is still preseason.  No one has game planned for Prescott yet, and he has no idea what it will be like against the first stringers for four quarters.  He will have some bumps along the way and thus have to deal with the hype train come to a halt.  It will be interesting to see how he handles adversity while playing for such a large market team.

Still, the Cowboys and all of their fans have to feel better about their situation at backup quarterback.  Last year was a total disaster for the team after Tony Romo went down with broken collarbone.  They had no one competent enough to play the position after him, and it resulted in a lost season.

One group of people that will be happy that Dak Prescott is around is fantasy owners as well.  Not even so much for him, though he would probably make a good one, but for the owner of any offensive piece such as Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, or Ezekiel Elliot.  If Prescott can fill in the way he has played in the preseason so far, those players should not miss a step in their game.  After all, Prescott already hooked up with Dez Bryant for a beautiful sideline touchdown catch.

The best thing that both Dak Prescott and the Cowboys have going for them is that he does not have to start for them right now.  He can play behind Romo and see what it takes to be a successful NFL quarterback.  This includes studying, working, developing chemistry, and all the other various things that go into being a good player.  Looking at some players that did not have to start right after they were drafted and the prospects of him being good for them down the road look even better.  These players include Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers, and Tom Brady to name a few.

While Prescott is no sure thing, he certainly is a hot commodity that everyone else in the league is wishing they had taken a chance on.  The cowboys might have gotten their quarterback of the future without paying a 1st round premium for him.  If Tony Romo’s health is any indication, we could likely find out this year.

One final scenario to play over in your head just for fun.  Drew Bledsoe, who has played with the Patriots for eight years before this, gets hurt game two of the 2001 season.  Tom Brady takes over and leads the team to an 11-3 season, ultimately winning his first SuperBowl and establishing himself as the quarterback of the New England Patriots.  Now it is definitely a long shot, but it sounds like there is that kind of potential here in Dallas right now.

Now while that is not even likely to happen, it sure is cool to think about.  Tony Romo is by all accounts a very good quarterback.  If there is one stigma attached to him, though, it is that he cannot win the big game.  If Dak Prescott proves he is ready for the spotlight, would it really surprise anyone if the cowboys take the same road as the Patriots?

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