Daily Fantasy Week 5 Contrarian Plays 0. .

When it comes to fantasy football, there are two ways to approach the daily game: safe or suicidal. The safe method would entail choosing all of the players who you think will chosen by the rest of the world—that way you’re not as likely to fall behind. The crazy (I called it suicidal, but it’s probably not that drastic) method is all about taking chances—contrarian plays, if you will.

The obvious names are, well, obvious—we’ll skip that safe plan of attack. Instead, let’s see what kind of crazy lineups might make some sense, and you some dollars and cents.

Devonta Freeman
People are really low on the Falcons’ back for two reasons: Tevin Coleman has cut into his workload and they’re playing on the road at Mile High. Why neither reason should scare you away from starting him: Coleman might miss the game in Denver because of a sickle cell trait; the Broncos will be keyed in on stopping the Julio Jones and the surprisingly hot Matt Ryan. The biggest reason to start Freeman? Not many others will do so—take advantage of starting a high ceiling back.

James White
Tom Brady is back. The Patriots will go back to their aerial attacking. James White is the receiving back. Oh, and LaGarrette Blount is banged up. White will be a nice flex surprise in PPR formats this week.

Mike Tolbert
Keep an eye on the injuries in Carolina—including Tolbert’s. If Cam and Stewart don’t play, don’t be surprised if Tolbert falls into the end zone. I could see the game on Monday being one where Tolbert snags a handful of passes, a receiving TD, and a handful of carries with a rushing TD.

Andre Johnson
Yes, Andre Johnson. News broke this week that he has supplanted Rishard Matthews for the #2 WR in Tennessee. While there’s no reason to believe that Johnson will suddenly drop a 12/145 type of game like the old days, there’s some intrigue here. When Johnson gets on the field, he’s made an impact. Now he has the chance to get on the field on a more consistent basis. This pick is for the bold or the nostalgic.

Hunter Henry
San Diego is riddled with injuries, again. If Antonio Gates doesn’t play, Henry will continue to grow his connection with Phillip Rivers.

Odell Beckham Jr.
He’s simply too great a talent to be silent for this long. Expect him to get back on track this week. It’s hard to call OBJ a contrarian play, but my guess is that people will be hesitant to drop the salary that he demands.

Amari Cooper
See above.

Robert Woods
He’s now the top receiving option on an NFL offense. Not only that, but he actually has a solid QB under center. His ceiling isn’t nearly has high as the previous two guys, but his workload should be just right. Don’t be scared of the LA defense either.

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