Chargers still haven’t signed rookie Joey Bosa 0. .

The San Diego Chargers took defensive end Joey Bosa with the third pick in the 2016 NFL draft. Since then, they still haven’t signed him to a contract.

Tom Telesco, the Chargers general manager, offered 1090 AM San Diego no clues as to when they might actually sign him.

“I don’t know [when we’ll sign him]. I guess we’ll see. I really don’t know if he’ll (show up). We’re still working on it. Hopefully we’ll get something done, but I don’t know. We’ve never really had an issue signing draft picks since I’ve been here. We’ve actually been one of the quicker teams in getting guys done. Especially when it’s not really over money — or guaranteed money — I know people get puzzled by it.

But it really just comes down to generally this — there’s some things that are negotiable, and money always is negotiable, obviously — but there’s certain things in contracts language-wise, whether you’re picked third, 33rd or 203rd, there’s certain things of consistency and doing things the same way for everyone on the team. And we’re far from uncommon with how we work. I know a lot of other teams probably operate the same way. We try to keep some things constant in everyone’s contract, whether you’re or the 85th guy on the football team.”

According to, the hold up is the conflict between “cash flow and offset money.” Conor Orr of adds in: “Bosa’s people want more of the bonus money sooner, and they want the ability to double-dip on salary should the Chargers let him go before the expiration of his contract. The Chargers, do not want to break precedent and give it to him.”

Like his fellow rookies, Darron Lee and Joshua Garnett, he’s not giving in just yet. If the Chargers want to have any type of defense at all, they need Bosa badly. Unfortuanately for Bosa, now he’s been absent from organized team activities, and now possibly even training camp which starts July 29.

If you’re unfamiliar with Bosa and just how valuable he could be to the Chargers’ defense, check out the video below:

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