Carson Wentz impresses, Jared Goff inactive for season opener 0. .

All the way up to the night of the draft there was talk on which quarterback was better, Carson Wentz or Jared Goff. The true consensus is that Goff was better right now, and Wentz offered a higher ceiling.

The dust from week one has settled and those analysis’ apparently could not be more wrong. Wentz delivered a victory for the Philadelphia Eagles while Goff sat inactive on the sidelines while his Los Angeles Rams were historically bad.

So this posts the question, how could so many analysts be so wrong? It’s not as if Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has any reason hold Goff back. Case Keenum could not even lead the offense to one single score on Monday Night Football. Jeff Fisher could likely be gone after this season if the team continues to experience such pedestrian offensive results. The Rams need to win now, being in a new town with a new fan base that has no attachment to the team.

While Jared Goff was on the sideline, Carson Wentz was busy making big time throws and proving all of his haters wrong.  Make no mistake, there were plenty of them, with me being one of them. Wentz was only able to take 38 preseason snaps before injuring his ribs and missing the last two preseason games. It certainly seemed like the odds were against Wentz even starting this year

It certainly seemed like the odds were against Wentz even starting this year. That is until the Eagles got back a first round pick in next years draft for shipping Sam Bradford to the Vikings.

The jury is by no means out on either of these quarterbacks. Maybe Goff starts next week and looks like a superstar. Maybe Wentz goes against someone other than the Browns and looks like Keenum. The truth is all we have to go on is one week, and only one of these quarterbacks was even solid enough to this point to give us a chance to how good he was.

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