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I can’t believe this is news… Johnny Manziel is hanging out with Justin Bieber 0. .

I don’t even know how to start this off. Instead, I’m just going to show you this, from Terez Owens’ official Twitter:

Alright, listen. I know Johnny Manziel loves to party, and eventually we were bound to see (another) photo of Manziel with Justin Bieber, right? Yeah, alright. But this picture, I don’t even know what to make of it. I don’t know where they are, what they’re doing, or what’s even going on. I’m guessing maybe, just maybe, it’s a friendly get together… maybe.

On the one hand, I really wanted to see Manziel turn it around, become someone’s savior at quarterback and become a star. On the other hand, he seems to be completely uninterested in doing so. With that said, am I still going to be doing the “money hands” every time that Manziel touches a football field moving forward in his career?


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