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Battle for the No. 1 quarterback job in Denver 0. .

Last season the Super Bowl winning Broncos had Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler fighting to be the starting quarterback.  One is a future Hall of Famer and the other is now worth $72,000,000.  The only part that matters to the Broncos is that neither will be suiting up for them this year.  Last year at this time if one saw the title to this article they would have thought that it was about the Broncos battling to be the number one team in football.  This year it is the title of the quaterback battle between Mark Sanchez and Trever Siemian, a far cry from their situation just one year a go.  One is famous for the butt fumble, and the other is likely to be the least known person on the team.

The Broncos have an historically great defense, but even that side of the ball has taken its lumps, as they lost Danny Trevathan and Malik Jackson to free agency.  Still, the strength of their defense certainly lies in the defensive backs and as long as Von Miller is suiting up at line backer no one will worry about that position.  The truth is Super Bowl winning teams lose good players.  Not everyone can get paid, and that is just the nature of the business.

Still, to be one of the most unprepared teams in the league at the most important position on the field is tough.  The Broncos have incredible talent at every level of the team.  This means they have a window for a couple more Super Bowl runs, but not if the quarterback position proves to be as big a weakness as it looks right now.

Hope is not totally lost, even at that position, as the team has first rounder Paxton Lynch waiting in the wings.  He has a big learning curve to overcome, but his ceiling is probably higher than the two quarterbacks that were taken ahead of him in the same draft.  It is unlikely that Lynch makes an impact this year, but if he can progress quickly he has every chance to lead the team at this time next year.  That would be a welcome sight for everyone wearing blue and orange come next season.

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