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Aqib Talib: I gave Brock Osweiler a ‘fair warning’ about leaving Broncos 0. .

When Brock Osweiler chose to leave the Denver Broncos and head to the Houston Texans in 2016 NFL free agency, many fans league-wide were pretty stunned. Osweiler seemed to have a pretty nice set up in Denver, but apparently, he was ready to take on a new challenge and leave the team who had drafted him, as well as the team who he had just won a Super Bowl with (although he was on the bench for that specific game).

Osweiler was all set to become the starter for the Broncos, after Peyton Manning chose to retire, but instead, he picked the Texans. As you can imagine, that didn’t go over too well with some of his teammates. Specifically, teammate Aqib Talib tried to explain to Osweiler that the grass “wasn’t always greener on the otherside.”¬†He opened up about what he said to the quarterback on ESPN’s Russillo and Kanell on Monday.

“I was a little more surprised with Brock’s situation than I was with Peyton’s. What I tell the young guys, man, young guys like Malik [Jackson] and Brock, I tell them ‘it’s not always greener on the other side.’ I’ve been on the other side before, so I mean, it might look like $100 million, but after about two 3-13 seasons that contract is gone. It’s a whole new staff in there, once the guaranteed money is gone, it ain’t really what it look like. So, I gave him fair warning, man. Hopefully those guys are successful and he gets to make all that big money. Hopefully he does.

Listen, I’m all for making your money while you can, but Talib does make a good point. The Broncos were set to pay Osweiler a pretty¬†nice contract, but Osweiler still chose to skip town for the huge deal from Houston. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how his time in Houston turns out, but at the very least, he seems to be in a pretty good position with a strong team, to say the least.

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