Apparently Rob Gronkowski does not like beer 0. .

Did reading this title confuse you as much as it did me when I wrote it? Honestly, I’m still a little bit in shock. Gronk, in my mind, is the party animal that does not get in trouble like others currently looking for a job in the NFL (Johnny Manziel).

Draftkings released a video featuring Fox Sports 1’s Katie Nolan interviewing Gronk. This is where he reveals that he really doesn’t enjoy beer and even says, “That taste weird.”

Here a different video via Nolan’s YouTube channel of the two enjoying a beer together just three months ago:

Gronk did admit that his drink of choice is a vodka water with a splash of cranberry. It seems as though Gronk does get in the mood for a cold one every now and then.

Kyle Warner

Kyle is the Co-Founder of Last Call Football and a Chicago Bears fan. He enjoys DFS and craft beer.

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