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Aldon Smith tries to deny involvement in weed video with tweet 0. .

In the digital media age, players have to be careful how they interact with social media, especially on video. Recently, Laremy Tunsil, who was projected to be drafted #1 overall, fell to 13th to the Miami Dolphins because his twitter account was hacked to show a video of him wearing a gas mask and seemingly smoking out. Now, another player is in the same type of trouble.

Aldon Smith is denying he was involved in a smoking video on @Ravenga‘s periscope account a few weeks ago. The video shows a girls face briefly, then pans away. Moments later, the cameraman shows a blunt, seemingly filled with marijuana. After quietly arguing back and forth with the girl in the video about if he should post it, he points out they have “no followers”. She points out again that he probably shouldn’t be streaming live, and the cameraman says “they don’t know it’s me. It’s not like I put ‘Aldon Smith.'”

The video is now being investigated by the NFL, but Smith is denying he’s involved. He sent out this tweet Monday:

Although his face is not visible in the video, Smith appears on several videos on @ravanga’s periscope channel.

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