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After winning the Super Bowl, Von Miller shifts attention to Johnny Manziel 0. .

Some people go to Disneyland, others just drink a few beers (I see you, Peyton Manning), but what’d Von Miller do after his Denver Broncos won the 2016 Super Bowl?

He decided to shout out to his friend and former teammate Johnny Manziel.

We all know the current off-field drama going on with Manziel, but after tallying 2.5 sacks and two forced fumbles in the Super Bowl, Miller’s decision to turn to the quarterback was a bit shocking. Miller even chose to speak about Manziel after the game in his postgame press conference.

Via Laken Litman of For The Win:

“I’ve definitely had my struggles and it was because of my teammates, my family, Mr. (John) Elway … (it’s) all these guys that never really quit on me and kept believing in me that got me to this moment where I am today,” Miller said. “I say that to say, if you’re having a hard time right now, just keep pushing. The media wasn’t always my friend, but today they’re my friend now.”

“The message is for Johnny,” Miller said. “I want to see you do good. My heart goes out to you buddy. Come on, let’s get it right, Gig Em. The sky is the limit. When you get back, the sky is the limit.”

Then came the Instagram posts between the two, with Manziel first.

Champ @millerlite40

A photo posted by Johnny Manziel (@jmanziel2) on

It’s great to see Miller reach out to his former Texas A&M teammate during a time of need. Here’s to hoping that Manziel can get things turned around, while also giving a big congratulations to Miller on the Super Bowl victory, as well as the stellar performance.

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