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Vikings Players Hold Breath as Teddy Bridgewater Falls to the Ground 0. .

On Tuesday, Teddy Bridgewater suffered a potentially season-ending injury as he fell to the ground in the pocket during a non-contract drill, grabbing his knee with a grimace on his face. Practice ended after just 30 minutes as a Hepperin County ambulance picked up Bridgewater to rush him to the hospital.

Moments after Teddy hit the ground, a mixture of screamed F-bombs and mumbled prayers could be heard on the field.

Mike Zimmer will be holding a press conference within the hour to discuss what this means for the Vikings organization.

Bridgewater is not an elite quarterback, scoring only 14 touchdowns last season. To his credit, he received a Pro Bowl bid and is on the rise in his third season in the NFL. In 2015, he led Minnesota in a playoff run that ended with a missed field goal by Blair Walsh. The best is (hopefully) ahead for this young, promising quarterback.

This is unfortunate news as the Vikings were looking to build on a strong season last year. Bridgewater has had his troubles in the past but has looked much better this preseason. The organization and its fans were certainly looking for big things from the offense this year. They employ one of the best running backs in history, Adrian Peterson, along with a great young core of wide receivers.

Stefon Diggs was having a strong preseason with Bridgewater thus far. Along with Diggs is the Vikings most recent first round selection in Laquan Treadwell, who many touted as the best receiver in this draft class.


Note: This post was collaboratively written by Michael Buck and Lauren Lapaglia.

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