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2016 NFL Draft interview questions are getting a little out of hand 0. .

Interviews to get a job playing in the NFL are apparently getting pretty intense, to say the least. Imagine you are interviewing for your dream job and all of a sudden out of the blue you are asked if you would use a gun or knife to kill someone. Pause and let that sink in.

Well, this just happened to LSU safety Jalen Mills according to Ryan Wilson of CBSSports.com.

I’m sorry, I guess I missed the part where killing someone was relevant to reading quarterbacks and covering wide outs. How does one even try to answer that question? Well here was Mills’ response:

If you choose the knife, you know, now you’re killing for fun…because you have to continuously stab somebody with it.

Good luck to all these NFL prospects who have to answer questions like these in interviews.

I can only imagine this happening in an NFL team’s war room on Draft day.

NFL Scout: “Prospect pros: great speed, amazing hands, elite football talent. Prospect cons: he chose the knife over the gun to kill someone with.”

Photo via youtube.com

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